What You Really Ought To Know…Injury Risk Is 7x Greater In People Who Have Been Previously Injured

Dear Injured Client,

I know exactly how you feel. As an athlete I have had to deal with injuries as part of participating in many different sports. And as a consultant to many athletes and sports teams from school kids to international level competitors. It’s not your fault. No matter how good your conditioning, sometimes bad stuff happens.

You may land wrongly on another person’s foot, you may have tried your best to exercise by jogging or joining a triathlon and now your knees ache, you may have injured your shoulder practicing martial arts, your elbows may hurt from too many weight lifting exercises, you may have twisted a knee and torn an ACL skiing, or your back may ache from and old slipped disk or even from simple daily activities.

You are upset because you can’t do the activities that you love.

You miss ski trips with your friends, you miss basketball games with your teammates, you feel like life is not as enjoyable as it should be. I know this is very frustrating.

Because I LOVE exercise and HATE being injured, I have spent thousands of hours studying the causes and the best ways to recover from and most importantly the best ways to PREVENT injuries from happening again. Research shows a re-injury risk for athletes anywhere from 3x-7x greater than those who have never previously been injured.

However this is for athletes who did nothing differently after they got injured!

Re-injury is even more frustrating than the original injury and often causes people to give up on activities they love – forever.

However with the recovery methods that I use at the Genesis Performance Center, re-injury just about NEVER happens. Why?

Most rehab methods work only to reduce pain. And that is all. You may sit on a bench with an infra red lamp, or go for a massage, or do a little therapy or stretching. There is nothing wrong with these and pain will usually go down, but they do not address the underlying cause of the injury. Something is weak, or not functioning well, or too tight or too imbalanced.

This is where our injury consultations and customized training programs help you.

We use cutting edge techniques and technologies to help you get back on your feet (or hands!) faster than you ever thought possible. We will train your body so that you never get injured again. I will do whatever it takes to help you perform better than ever, with less pain or discomfort than ever.

Sometimes you might need soft tissue work, sometimes you might need strengthening, you may need to release and stretch some parts of your body, you may need nutritional changes to maximize healing, you may need specific treatment to heal damaged nerves that are giving you pain even though you are NOT injured. I will find out what you need and get you sorted out asap.

However our methods of treatment are not for everybody. Please do NOT come to see me if you are:

  • Not interested in taking responsibility for your healing
  • Want an easy “lie in bed” solution
  • Will not stick to the program that I ask you to do
  • Want to have a “traditional” rehab program and are not interested in optimally healing your body
  • Want to have a longer time off from work and sports
  • Want the cheapest possible solution

Unfortunately most rehab programs are based on information that is at least 20 years old. But as part my study, I spend time with coaches, doctors and therapists who help athletes recover fast so that they can compete in the Olympics even after serious injuries!

I apply every ounce of this knowledge to your rehab program. I also take injuries VERY personally and I do my absolute best to help you heal.

While it is never possible to be cheap and good, I want to give the best possible solution to my clients and that is the solution that gets you result in the shortest possible time.

Some Of Our Injury Rehab Success Stories…

I am a competitive football player but I was plagued by injuries in 2009, it came to the point where I would play a game on Sunday, and then barely recover in time for the next sunday’s game, the vicious cycle never seemed to end. It was very frustrating as it really hindered my progress.

Thankfully though, I met coach …Jon. After explaining my problems to him, he did a thorough assessment and identified certain issues that were causing the injuries. He then advised me on how to fix these issues in order to be less injury prone. He showed me which stretches would be effective to do, and also wrote me a weight training program that took into account whatever injuries that I have.

1 month later, I was already feeling much better. I made tremendous gains in my flexibility. Whatever injury problems I was facing have disappeared.

It has been slightly more than 2 months now since I have seen Coach Jon, and not only am I less injury prone, but my strength, speed and agility have all improved. In the gym, I’ve made consistent strength gains, and I now warm up with weights that I used to struggle with not too long ago. On the field, I am faster, stronger, more agile, and hardly suffer from injuries.

Coach Jon’s results does speak on its own. But what was more impressive was the way he treated me. At his facility, he was very patient and answered all my questions thoroughly. As I live in Malaysia, I’m unable to train at Genesis like the others. I consistently give feedback on my training to Coach Jon, and he advises me on what modifications I should make based on my feedback. He is very open to questions, and answers them professionally. Not only am I a better athlete now, but I have learned a lot from Coach Jon, who is very knowledgeable himself.

Thank you Coach Jon! Desmond Varo, Soccer player, Malaysia

“I joined Genesis and coach Jon for 3 months of training after injuring my meniscus. I love basketball but because of my injury I was not able to play. My doctor told me to go for surgery but I wanted to try a method of treatment that did not involve cutting open my knee.

After 3 weeks of my customized knee rehab program my knee pain is totally gone, my range of motion is complete and I can play basketball again. Last weekend my 3 on 3 basketball team even won most of our games against much younger players! Thanks Coach Jon And Genesis.” Walter Basa, Banker

“I have had shoulder trouble for years. I could not even carry my groceries for my family comfortably. My shoulder ached even with the most simple of movements and I was unable to lift my arms overhead. In addition to this, I had terrible headaches for no apparent reason. I was visiting Singapore for just a few days so I didn’t even have alot of time for treatment. But after just 3 treatment sessions with Coach Jon, I had full range of movement in my arms and shoulders and I could go shopping in Thailand pain free! Thanks Coach Jon.” Helen Lee, Australia

“I have had unstable and aching knees for more than 5 years. They ached even when sleeping and when doing very basic activities like climbing on and off a bus or car. I used to play sports like badminton and basketball but was not able to due to my knee. I came to Coach Jon to have it looked at and in just 20 mins the pain was gone! I must have saved hundreds or even thousands of dollars on physio and medical fees. Thanks Coach Jon.” Kit Wong, MBA Graduate, Singapore

Kenneth Poon – Kenneth had been frustrated with slow recovery from his surgery, but now is even stronger than before on his formerly injured knee.

Norman Tan – Norman came to us to learn proper exericse technique to protect his reconstructed ACL. In addition to becoming strong enough to compete in martial arts again, he also lost 11kg of fat on the training program.

Cynthia TanCynthia is a competitive athlete who wanted to regain her speed and agility after suffering an ACL tear and surgery. She is now running around and competing again at better than before speed!

Ask yourself the following questions…

“Am I interested in recovering from my injury as soon as possible?”

If “yes”,

“Can I see how coming for a consultation would help me recover as fast as possible?”

If “yes”

“When would be the best time to start my road to recovery?”

Of course the answer is NOW! I look forward to helping you recover as soon as possible and helping you train so that you NEVER get injured again.

If you want to heal your injury now, Go ahead and fill in the form below. Our customer support staff will contact you ASAP to schedule your first appointment. Remember there is no risk with our 100% guarantee. If what I ask you to do does NOT improve your injury, make you stronger and reduce your level of pain, you can ask for every cent of your consultation fee to be returned. No questions asked. That is how much I care about helping you get results. Fill in the form below now.

Fees are payable by cash or Master/Visa card (Additional 5%)

  • Initial Consultation (takes more time because I will go through a lot of your health and injury history) – $297
  • Follow Up Consultations Or Treatments (If needed) – $147
  • Training and Supplements – Only as needed and on a case by case basis

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