Part of the vision for my team and I at Genesis, is that we want Genesis Gym to be the be the place that people in Asia can turn to for the best quality, cutting edge health services in the areas of fitness, rehabilitation and athletic performance. If you have a need, we want to be able to help you.

So far we have done well and have helped thousands of clients through our first 5 years in operation.

But there is much to change and improve on in the fitness industry.

  • There is currently too much focus on “quick fixes” that can cause long term damage. Such as diet pills which help you “slim down” but lead to issues like adrenal stress and under-absorption of nutrients.
  • There are also “quick-sell” fads like useless (and that’s a kind word) equipment that helps you “vibrate” your way to a great physique. If it were that easy why are there so few strong and healthy people around?
  • And there are whole businesses built around the most profitable business model that can operate with the lowest skilled employees, rather than deciding to put the client first and helping them get results.

These problems are a huge part of why I started Genesis in the first place. To provide the right information to clients and readers of my blog and website.

I fully intend to “change the world” and make it a better place. And my team and I have begun this change in the fitness industry.

I appreciate the readers of my blog, website, XinMSN, Yahoo Singapore and Men’s Health articles.

When someone sends me an email saying:

“Wow I tried your Standing Broad Jump Technique and I finally passed my IPPT”


“Wow your tips really helped me sleep better and my energy is so much improved”

I get a great sense of accomplishment.

It is readers like you, who can tell good advice, from marketing hype, and who are wise and tough enough to put it into practice, that keep me striving towards our “change the world for the better” goals!

It is with this background that I have a favor to ask.

Genesis Performance Center has been nominated for Asia One’s People Choice Awards 2011 as the “Best wellness provider” in Singapore.

This award is won via the voting of the public. And it’s a sign of recognition by the media and the public.

Winning this award will be an uphill task. The competition is big and stiff!

The past winners have been the “big box”, “Globo gym”, “international franchises” with huge marketing budgets.

On the other hand, Genesis is a much smaller set-up. But this award is for the “Best Wellness Provider” not the Biggest. It’s a bit of David vs Golliath here!

We may be smaller, however I believe Genesis has a bigger mission, a broader vision, and a deeper, more positive influence in the lives of those we serve. We don’t have the massive marketing dollars, but with your help, I believe we have a chance to win.

If we can win this year, it would be a huge step forward for the fitness industry in Singapore.

  • Serious training centers would become more “mainstream” and accepted.
  • People getting results would start to be the focus of the health and fitness industry, rather than just making money off the insecurities of clients.
  • Highly skilled and educated trainers would start to be the norm rather than the rarity.
  • The entire industry would have to “step up their game” which will be of benefit to everyone.

So, I humbly ask for you support for our vision, which I welcome you to share.

Please cast your vote at the Asia One website here. And if you don’t have an account yet, please register here.

(Yes I know registration is a bit of a hassle, but it weeds out trash votes)

Thanks for Voting!

-Coach Jon & Team @ Genesis


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