I recently got a comment on my blog asking if eating organic food is the best way to lose weight.

Is organic food better? Yes it probably is. No so much because of nutrient content although it is superior there as well, but because it has less bad stuff in it. Less pesticides, anti-biotics less pollutants etc.

However eating organic is not going to help you lose weight by itself. You still need to make good choices. As you all know I suggest a paleo type diet of meat, veggies, nuts, a little fruit and lots of water!

If you eat organic bad choices such as… wheat, soy or corn you will still be fat!!

The non-profit “Environmental Working Group” has listed the most and the least important foods to try to find organic. The “Dirty Dozen” are the foods you should try to buy organic, and the “Clean 15” are those which are ok to buy regular.

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