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The Internet is an amazing channel for discovering more information. People are looking for information that will help them with their fitness goals. However, how does one sort through the fluff and fake experts to discover information that will actually  deliver ?


Genesis Gym was started 5 years ago because I wanted to start a gym where everything was results based. Our sales come from the results. Our testimonials come from results. Our patient comes from the results. Evrything comes from results beccause nothing else matters.


Everything you read on this blog has been proven to deliver lasting consistent results in one way or other.

I have spent 15 years searching for and learning from the best in the business. I nave sought out people who consistently deliver results. People who work with top level athletes who need to deliver results immediatly. I am still learning and spend tens of thousands of dollars every year on continuing education. I look forward to sharing what I have learned with you.


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Today, brings you 2-3 articles a week about what’s working right now in strength, health and nutrition

What can you expect?

-Its not (just) about losing weight

-Its not (just) about not eating carbs

-Its not (just) about lifting heavy iron.

Today, it’s always a bigger picture. You need to understand all the facets that contribute to continuing health wellness, and I cover the gamut, daily … for free.


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About Coach Jon


  Jonathan Wong is the founder of Genesis Gym, a life coach, author and lifelong student.

jonathan built his succesful gym business after being disillusioned with the quality of training offred on the market.

As a former “fat boy” looking for options, he found that much of the information available was incomplete, inaccurate and sometimes simply bogus. 

This resulted in a lifelong pursuit for methods that produced results.

The result of that search is Genesis Gym, where only results matter. is where Jonathan provides advice and solutions that empower people to successfully meet their lifestyle and fitness goals through proven methods.

Over the years, Jonathan has had the privilege of participating in.. .

Jonathan has been featured in various magazines and other media. A full list can be found here


Jonathan is also the author of the ‘happy body’ find out more  in the video below.


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