I’m Coach Jonathan Wong, Singapore’s most trusted personal trainer,  strength coach, weight loss specialist and health expert. I also own the Genesis Gym, the best gym in Singapore for people who are serious about getting results. Please check out my  programs to see how my staff and I can meet your needs.

For Ladies

Here are some commonly asked questions about training, health and getting you great results!
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ladies personal training
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Nick Landaruzi

MMA athlete

When it comes to strength and conditioning, I found exactly what I was looking for, Coach Jon & his staff are absolutely amazing.


Foo Shi Hao

Basketball/Floorball Athlete

I have always had trouble with my standing broad jump (SBJ) but Coach Jon and his team helped me improve from 220cm to 270cm!


Sharon Soh

Fedex Singapore

I also made it to SHAPE Magazine Singapore’s Success Stories in June 2008! Thanks so much for everything to the staff at Genesis.


Anita Gupta

Sales Manager

Within just 8 weeks of starting, I lost 6 inches off my hips and another 4-5 inches off my waist. I also dropped a dress size.Right now I have lost 16kg of unwanted fat, thanks

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Angie Khoo

University Professor

Thanks so much, Jon and Team for helping me get back into my traditional cheongsam and kebaya dresses! Didn’t think I could do that so quickly!

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Andrew Jordan

Lacrosse Athlete

I vastly improved my fitness over the 8 weeks I worked out at Genesis. Muscle UP 8kg, Fat DOWN 8kg. Strength, flexibility, speed all improved, in fact I gained more than 50% increases in strength

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Ben Ho

Civil Defence Force

My chinups increased from zero to 10 during my 4 months of training. Best of all I lost 16kg of fat during my 4 months here.


Felix Tan

Radio DJ/Lecturer

Coach Jon and his team helped me with a training program that took into account my history of a serious slipped disk injury, showed me correct nutrition habits, and provided a environment where there is

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Charis Lee

Advertising Manager, Mother of two

The gym program works. In less than 2 months, I got back to a UK size 8. I’m definitely stronger and my back injury doesn’t hurt anymore.

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Daniel Wong

SIA Scholar, Basketball Athlete

I have vastly improved strength in all my lifts while remaining at the same body weight and lowering my body fat to less than 7 percent.

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